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What is Sustainable Marketing?

Updated: Apr 12

Let's get this straight: Before you can market yourself as sustainable, you need to be actively working on sustainability initiatives. This means reducing your environmental impact and improving your social responsibility.

Sustainable marketing is about communicating your company's sustainability initiatives with authenticity, clarity, and transparency. Pay attention to these keywords - 'authenticity,' 'clarity,' and 'transparency' - because sustainable marketing isn't about deceiving customers to boost sales or exaggerating your sustainability efforts. This is known as greenwashing and will undoubtedly prove detrimental to your business.

Stella McCartney celebrated Earth Day's 50th anniversary by taking over London's Piccadilly Circus from 21-26 April 2020. Using the Piccadilly Circus screens, Stella McCartney hopes that the population "can learn from this moment of pause so that city centres can be enjoyed with unpolluted air tomorrow."
Stella McCartney Earth Day 2020 Campaign

When developing your sustainable marketing strategy, it's vital to keep your audience in mind. What are their concerns about sustainability? What information are they looking for? Meet them where they are by telling your sustainability story in a way that resonates.

Approaches for sharing your sustainability initiatives can include:

  • Public relations activities, such as press releases, media interviews, and speaking engagements, can be used to raise awareness of your company's sustainability initiatives and position your company as a thought leader in sustainability.

  • Content marketing involves creating and distributing valuable content, such as blog posts, articles, infographics, and videos, to educate and engage your target audience about sustainability.

  • Social media platforms are powerful tools for sharing your company's sustainability journey, connecting with potential customers and partners, and engaging in conversations about sustainability.

  • Advertising can be used to raise awareness of your company's sustainability efforts and to promote your sustainable products.

It is important to be authentic in your marketing communications. Consumers can spot greenwashing from a mile away. Be honest and transparent about your company's sustainability journey. Highlight your successes, but also acknowledge your challenges and areas for improvement.

Sustainable marketing is a long-term commitment. It is not about running a few ads or publishing a couple of blog posts about your latest ‘sustainable’ collection. It is about embedding sustainability into your company's DNA and communicating your sustainability story in a consistent and authentic way.

When done right, sustainability marketing demonstrates accountability to your values and builds trust with an increasingly eco-conscious consumer base. That's a win-win for both business and the planet.


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