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Barwany, an emerging designer from Leeds, is on a mission to change the fashion industry for the better. With our help, he's building a luxury sustainable fashion brand from the ground up, starting with a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that establishes his unique identity and positions him as a leader in eco-friendly fashion.


Drawing inspiration from the natural world, we crafted a set of guidelines that are both elegant and earthy, communicating Barwany's deep commitment to protecting the planet through his designs. The guidelines we created are a reflection of his values and vision, and they serve as a foundation for all of his branding and marketing efforts.


As we continue to work with Barwany, we're committed to supporting his growth and evolution as a designer and a brand. These brand guidelines will serve as a flexible and adaptable foundation for his business as it evolves and grows in the future.





  • Brand Guidelines 

Barwany Brand Guidelines.png
Barwany Brand Guidelines.png
Barwany Brand Guidelines____2.png
Barwany Brand Guidelines2.png
Barwany Brand Guidelines.png
Barwany Brand Guidelines_____.png

Genuinely Conscious, Branding

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